It’s a Wrap – Our Last Episode of the Season is Complete and What’s Next

Drew contemplating Lava Rapids!

The Paint Shop’s last episode of the season has been complete!  And boy, are we tired….

Had we known how much time, money, energy goes into making a tv show, we might have been a little less enthusiastic to jump in!  But, being the maniacs we are, Drew and Brian ILL and myself are all workaholics, so we pulled it off.

This last episode was the most difficult, and our best as we really wanted to show man vs. nature, with Drew traveling down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon on a standup paddleboard, down gnarly rapids, for 16 DAYS!

Fred Swegles of the Orange County Register Newspaper wrote an article about the expedition, and you can read it here:  SURFER’S GRAND CANYON RUN AN ADVENTURE LIKE NO OTHER.

We are pleased with the end result, as we incorporated the Grand Canyon trip with paintings that followed, and a second story where Drew designed a Reptiles in the City theme painting for a reptile store in town.

What’s next for The Paint Shop?  Planning Season 2, which will require a lot more sponsorship dollars so we can step up the production value and maybe actually pay ourselves this next time around.  Also, we have plans to improve upon the show greatly, which will require help from some strong partners and sponsors as well.

If you want to see a second season, you can help by sending links or posting our shows on your Facebook and Twitter and websites.  The more views and feedback we get, the better chance we have of teaming up with some strong sponsors for Season 2.

Thanks for your support, we appreciate it!  Please, watch Episode 6 below, and leave a comment!

The Paint Shop Episode 6 “Life is Grand” Full Episode in HD from The Paint Shop on Vimeo.

The Paint Shop Episode 6 “Life is Grand” Full Episode in HD

In this episode, Drew goes stand up paddle boarding through the rapids of the Grand Canyon with his friend, award-winning filmmaker and adventurer, Seth Warren. After 16 days in the wilderness, he’s glad to be back in the studio working on a new painting featuring reptiles for local San Clemente shop “Reptiles Reptropolis”.

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8 Responses to It’s a Wrap – Our Last Episode of the Season is Complete and What’s Next

  1. Justin Case says:

    I love watching your paint shop show and looking at your artwork as well as your techniques. You have my dream job, even though I am just a beginning painter, I took up the hobby about 2 months ago and I want to learn everything there is about it.

    I just wanted to say thanks for sending me the updates on the show, and for influencing my own artwork. Just from watching the show I think you have a great talent, and everytime I see your van driving around town I always have to go home and re-watch one of the episodes because I can’t get enough.

    Thanks, Justin

  2. Phillip Edwards says:

    Just watched your Grand Canyon show this morning, I’m so impressed you guys put a really good show together – well done.

    And Drew taking on the Colorado on a stand up paddle board – That was cool. Hope your ratings are good.

  3. Chris Kalney says:


    Really enjoying the Paint Shop series! When will there be a DVD compilation?

    And when is the Art of Drew Brophy book coming out?!

  4. Damon says:

    You got to love the internet. While searching youtube on how to paint surfboards I stumbled across a few videos of Drew at work. I have been hooked ever since. Your show is informative and inspirational. Good luck to you, your family and friends.

    Much love from west coast of Florida,

  5. artblog says:

    great show, added it to my blog. i hope we see more.

  6. Keith Silcox says:

    I just finished watching “The Paint Shop” online episodes. Just wanted to let you know how much I liked the show.

    I’m glad you’re able to show people what you do-that it is possible to be creative and express yourself in art, and do it for a living as well.
    Really looking forward to seeing more of what goes on in your shop.

  7. Gina Alder says:

    LOVE this show! When are you putting a new series up?! I want to see what happens next. Thanks, Gina

  8. Sanjay says:

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