It’s a Wrap – Our Last Episode of the Season is Complete and What’s Next

Drew contemplating Lava Rapids!

The Paint Shop’s last episode of the season has been complete!  And boy, are we tired….

Had we known how much time, money, energy goes into making a tv show, we might have been a little less enthusiastic to jump in!  But, being the maniacs we are, Drew and Brian ILL and myself are all workaholics, so we pulled it off.

This last episode was the most difficult, and our best as we really wanted to show man vs. nature, with Drew traveling down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon on a standup paddleboard, down gnarly rapids, for 16 DAYS!

Fred Swegles of the Orange County Register Newspaper wrote an article about the expedition, and you can read it here:  SURFER’S GRAND CANYON RUN AN ADVENTURE LIKE NO OTHER.

We are pleased with the end result, as we incorporated the Grand Canyon trip with paintings that followed, and a second story where Drew designed a Reptiles in the City theme painting for a reptile store in town.

What’s next for The Paint Shop?  Planning Season 2, which will require a lot more sponsorship dollars so we can step up the production value and maybe actually pay ourselves this next time around.  Also, we have plans to improve upon the show greatly, which will require help from some strong partners and sponsors as well.

If you want to see a second season, you can help by sending links or posting our shows on your Facebook and Twitter and websites.  The more views and feedback we get, the better chance we have of teaming up with some strong sponsors for Season 2.

Thanks for your support, we appreciate it!  Please, watch Episode 6 below, and leave a comment!

The Paint Shop Episode 6 “Life is Grand” Full Episode in HD from The Paint Shop on Vimeo.

The Paint Shop Episode 6 “Life is Grand” Full Episode in HD

In this episode, Drew goes stand up paddle boarding through the rapids of the Grand Canyon with his friend, award-winning filmmaker and adventurer, Seth Warren. After 16 days in the wilderness, he’s glad to be back in the studio working on a new painting featuring reptiles for local San Clemente shop “Reptiles Reptropolis”.

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JOE SURF of The Daily Pilot Writes: The Brophy’s Put it all out There

The Daily Pilot has a great column written by Joe Haakenson called JOE SURF. Here’s an article he wrote for the June 9th, 2011 issue about THE PAINT SHOP and The Brophy Family:

Sorry for going all “artsy” on you, but when you really think about it, surfers are artists. You could say the board is their paintbrush, and the wave is their canvas.

For Drew Brophy, the whole surfer-artist thing is more literal than figurative.

He’s a surfer first, but also has a deep passion for art, hence the “surf lifestyle artist” tag he proudly wears. It’s not just a hobby for Brophy—it’s his livelihood, his life.

Brophy became a surf lifestyle artist 20 years ago by creating designs for surfboards. Now he and his wife Maria run their art agency, Son of the Sea, Inc., a business in which Brophy’s art is created not only for surfboards, but also for t-shirts, skateboards, wakeboards, bikes, motorcycles, even cars and vans. You name it. If you can imagine it, Brophy can do it.

Brophy has an art studio in San Clemente where his surf lifestyle paintings are created and sold to individuals, companies and manufacturers who put his work on their products.

My inspiration comes from a life of surfing and being on the water,” said Brophy, 40, who learned to surf growing up in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. “I try to put that lifestyle onto products created in Southern California. Everyone wants a piece of the Southern California surfing lifestyle.”

In the early days, I was a professional surfboard painter. I wanted to be able to use my creativity any way I could. It was the only thing I could find as a consistent job, and it allowed me to have a career as an artist. I figured out a way to make my living in the genre that I liked—it was surfing.”

Though surfing and art have been a part of Brophy’s life since he was little, it wasn’t so easy to make a career out of it. A high school counselor once told him that he couldn’t surf and paint forever.

Oh yeah?

It’s a funny story, because as a teenager, you’re forced to deal with what you’re going to do,” Brophy said. “Unfortunately, the things I was good at, nobody thought was important or valuable. It’s a hard thing to hear as a kid. I didn’t like it. I told myself this is what I’m going to do.”

And that brings us to Brophy’s latest venture—television. If Brophy is the talent in the operation, Maria is the brains. Maria noticed that some of Brophy’s YouTube videos were popular, “especially one of Drew painting a Fender guitar,” Maria said.

So the logical next step? Reality television, of course.

Drew and Maria have created a reality show, “The Paint Shop,” a behind-the-scenes look at their business and the process through which his art is created and sold.

It debuted in February and is gaining momentum, now showing on cable networks with a viewing audience of 3.2 million. Cox Cable and Time Warner carry the show in various parts of Orange, L.A. and San Diego counties.

We thought if we had a TV show, we could reach so many people,” Maria said. “But we knew it was a long shot.”

They pitched their idea to various networks and even had a potential opportunity with one big cable network, which Maria declined to identify.

But they wanted me and Drew fighting,” Maria said. “We didn’t want that kind of show. Drew is a brand. His art is a brand. If we put him on TV looking like a jerk, it’s something he’d have to live with the rest of his life.

It took three and a half years from the time Maria first launched the idea, but the Brophys finally were able to hook up with Brian Ill of Crystal Cove Media in Newport Beach. Ill, a producer-writer-director who was a fan of Brophy’s art, said yes and a reality television show—a clean one—was born.

The show is described as one that “gives viewers an unscripted peek into the working life of surf artist Drew Brophy, along with guest artists and professional athletes that appear in each episode.”

But Drew wasn’t gung-ho from the get-go.

I was a little scared. I’m not too comfortable on camera,” Drew said. “But I understood I had to put myself out there.”

Both Drew and Maria are hands-on in the process of creating the show. It’s their lives, and they want to make sure they’re presenting the right message.

We don’t want to be fake,” Drew said. “It really is authentic. We show the interaction we have with companies. Maybe somebody wants something that I don’t think is a good idea, and I try to steer them in a different direction. We had one client who ended up not wanting the art, and we showed that too.”

They are now in the process of shooting their sixth episode, four of which have already aired.

We don’t sensationalize anything,” Brophy said. “We really want to help artists understand, and the public to understand, that art is a viable career.”

Drew wasn’t a bad surfer himself, and in fact it was his surfing ability that brought him to Southern California. He came to Huntington Beach from South Carolina as a teenager to surf in the NSSA nationals and later moved here. Maria came to Southern California from Maryland. The two have been married 11 years and have one son Dylan, who is 9.

Ah, the life of a surf lifestyle artist.

I’ve been able to go to some of the most beautiful places on the planet,” Brophy said. “I’ve experienced the energy of the ocean and the wildlife of the ocean. All my paintings reflect that, the simplicity of that—the wave, the sun, a beautiful place.”

JOE HAAKENSON is an Orange County-based sports writer and editor. He may be reached at

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The Reluctant Star of The Paint Shop – Article by Walter Foster Publishing

Article written by Emily Green for Walter Foster Publishing Blog:

At first, Drew Brophy didn’t want his own television show, but after a little nudging from Maria Brophy, his promoter, manager, and wife of 11 years, he agreed to share his unique brand of eclectic surf art with, potentially, millions of viewers.

What sets The Paint Shop apart from the onslaught of reality television currently dominating the airwaves, however, is Drew’s educational approach, colorful designs, and surfer attitude. That and there’s no drama—the main ingredient in most other reality shows.

“We keep the negative drama out of it,” says Maria. “The downside is that our ratings will never be as high as Jersey Shore, but we want to show people that they can design a lifestyle where they are doing what they love for a living. We want people to see that it’s possible!”

And this wave-riding couple is doing just that. Along with their 9-year-old son, Dylan, the Brophys… CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST of this article on the Walter Foster Site!

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Media Article by SC Times – How The Paint Shop Came to Be

Article by Christina Scannapiego of the SC Times week of March 17, 2011:

Despite all the recognition Drew Brophy receives for his images, Brophy remains humble. “We’re just a small, San Clemente family business making a go of it,” he said.


If Bob Ross (may he rest in peace—I mean no disrespect) had been a lot cooler, his TV show, The Joy of Painting may have been a little bit more like San Clemente’s most famous surf artist’s new informative, reality television show, The Paint Shop with Drew Brophy, airing weekly on local Santa Barbara County, Orange County and Los Angeles Cox and Time Warner cable channels

Brophy’s surreal, whimsical, vibrant designs—now recognizable all over the world—started gaining fame when his paint pen work graced surfboards everywhere. Demand for his work grew and turned into all types of merchandise: Skateboards, T-shirts, wakeboards, bikes, motorcycles, cars—even mailboxes.

After Brophy and video director, Brian Ill, ran a wildly popular stint creating YouTube webisodes, Brophy’s business partner and wife, Maria Brophy, pitched the idea for a television show to Newport’s Crystal Cove media “and we were off to the races,” he said.

Maria Brophy generates a good deal of her husband’s work, which is the reason she’s also a key player in every episode of The Paint Shop. “She does everything. I just paint,” Brophy said of his wife, the marketing and public relations force behind his success.

The show, which takes place in his quaint and bright San Clemente studio on Los Molinos and follows the Brophys around town, is aimed at communicating to an audience exactly what it takes to get a job done from the moment a client walks through the doors all the way through production—and the surprises that happen along the way. For instance, while the crew is in the midst of filming, Brophy working on a major beach cruiser design project, in strolls Hawaiian surfing legend and shaper, Gerry Lopez, looking to order some artwork. Brophy expects the unexpected, but most importantly, he sees the show as an opportunity to inform the public exactly what a professional and commercial art career is all about.

“When I was a kid, I didn’t know that art could be a viable career. I didn’t fit in, in school. I was good at surfing and I was good at art but those two things didn’t mean anything,” he lamented. In fact, Brophy’s high school guidance counselor had pulled him aside and asked him to continue reading, click on SC Times Website.

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Media Write Up – Eastern Surf Magazine

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The Paint Shop Filming LIVE at Sacred Craft Surfboard Show March 19-20 2011

Drew Brophy is taking THE PAINT SHOP show LIVE to the Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo in Santa Cruz, California.

Two painting demonstrations will be given by Brophy and filmed on-site for the show THE PAINT SHOP WITH DREW BROPHY, currently airing on local television in California.

(Those attending the painting demonstrations can receive a FREE art print by pre-registering – read at bottom of this page for details.)

Brophy’s demonstrations are designed to share surfboard painting techniques that can be used by both the novice and the experienced artist.

Sat. March 19th Noon to 1:00 p.m:  Drew will give a Graffiti-style painting demonstration and will show how to customize your own surfboard with a few cans of spray paint and stencils. Demonstration will be held at the SurfAide Shaping Bay.

Sun. March 20th Noon to 1:00 p.m: Drew demonstrates his medium of choice, Uni-Posca paint pens, on surfboards.  He will share tried and true techniques and will discuss preparation, composition, color blending, and sealing.

Brophy will discuss how you can have a viable career painting surfboards, and how retailers can increase sales with surfboard art.  Bring your questions!  This demonstration will be held in Drew Brophy’s booth #B8.

WHERE: The Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard EXPO held at the Rittenhouse Building, downtown Santa Cruz, CA.  INFO:

WHEN: Demos held Saturday and Sunday, March 19 and 20, from Noon to 1:00 pm.

COST: Sacred Craft Entrance fee is $10.00.  Demonstrations are FREE with admittance.

Drew Brophy Spray Painting SurfboardCONFIRM ATTENDANCE & GET A FREE Art Print!

One Brophy art print will be given on-site to each person who confirms attendance to Drew’s demos by Friday, March 18.

(Prints priced at $20.00 for everyone else).

To get your coupon, e-mail your name to info@thepaintshop.tvand confirm your attendance to Drew’s demonstration.   A coupon for the free print will be emailed to you.


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Press Release – Launch of THE PAINT SHOP

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – San Clemente, CA – February 15, 2011

(Hi-res images will be provided within 24-hours of request to

Crystal Cove Media is excited to announce the launch of a new uplifting, fast paced and fun t.v. show focused on revealing what really happens inside the studio of a Surf Lifestyle Artist.  This six episode series premiered on Cox February 12, 2011 and runs through the summer of 2011.

Produced by Crystal Cove Media of Newport Beach, and created by art marketing expert Maria Brophy, THE PAINT SHOP WITH DREW BROPHY gives viewers an unscripted, behind-the-scenes peek into the professional scene of surf lifestyle artist Drew Brophy.  Each episode captures the joy brought to clients through artwork as well as the complications and challenges that a working artist must deal with.

Dispelling the stereotype of what an artist really does, THE PAINT SHOP demonstrates that being an artist is a very viable career and it reveals the process of painting, creating and business knowledge that is required.  The show takes place in Brophy’s art studio in San Clemente, California, and incorporates real life interactions between Brophy, his business partner wife, Maria, and their clients.

Drew Brophy has been a professional artist for over twenty years and together with his wife, Maria, helps other artists to design the career of their dreams.  An avid surfer and world traveler, Brophy exploded on the surf art scene in the late 1990′s with his wild surfboard paintings.  Now he says that it’s his job just to “make things look cool.”  Brophy currently has hundreds of collectors of his original art as well as thirty active licensees that use his art on their products.

The first episode titled CRUISERS, SKULLS & CHAINS takes you through the steps of Drew designing and creating eight foot paintings to be used for his signature beach cruiser bikes.  The guest segment features world famous surfing legend Gerry Lopez as he stops by the studio and asks Drew to paint his surfboard.  A third segment breaks down an easy way to paint a used surfboard with spray paint, stencils and chains.

Brophy says of his intention with this show, “Being an artist is more than just painting pretty pictures. I want people to know what really goes on with the business of art and I want to inspire others with the idea that they can do it, too.”

Show creator Maria Brophy explained how she came up with the idea, “I wanted the challenge of creating a new show format, one which is real, but focuses on uplifting and positive aspects.  This platform enables us to share the joy as well as the disappointments that a lifestyle artist encounters, and the lessons learned.  The episodes will organically lure the viewer in, as each day in the studio brings new excitement and life changing lessons.”

Executive Producer and Co-Creator Brian ILL has spent the last three years documenting Brophy’s projects.  He says ”When I spend a day with Drew I always end up learning something. Whether it be about how he runs his business, or a cool personal story, I always take something away. I’ve actually used the things I’ve learned from him in my own life, and that’s what I want this show to do for the viewing audience. I want to present the experience accurately, so that the audience feels like they are also gaining something from spending a day in the life of Drew.”

Current  show times are:  In SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, CA Premiered on February 12, 2011 at 8:00 p.m. on Cox Channel 8 and thereafter airs every Saturday, Sunday and Monday at 8:00 p.m.

ORANGE COUNTY& PALOS VERDES CA:  Premiers on February 16, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. on Cox Channel 3 and thereafter airs every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. and every Sunday at 6:00 p.m.

LOS ANGELES COUNTY:  Time Warner So Cal 101 Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. and Sundays at 1:30 p.m.


About Drew Brophy:  Drew Brophy is represented by Son of the Sea, Inc., who is the Master Licensor for Drew Brophy Properties.  Drew Brophy is a surf artist dedicated to teaming up his action sports inspired artwork with licensees who produce quality lifestyle products.  Contact Maria Brophy at 949-354-ART1, e-mail, or log onto

About Crystal Cove Media, LLC:  Crystal Cove Media is a video production company specializing in film, television, and web broadcasting. Our company houses some of the most talented television and film industry professionals working together to create dynamic video productions for any media. Contact:

About Executive Producer and Co-Creator Brian A. ILL:  Brian is an Executive Producer, Writer, and Director for television and film.  Brian is Executive Producer and show creator of the hit television series BEACH TOWN and has also produced content for ABC, Disney, Touchstone Pictures, Discovery Channel, MTV, Turner Broadcasting, Travel Channel, Military Channel, Tru TV, Fuel TV,, Surfer Magazine and many more.  With 15 years experience in the music industry as a composer, producer, and multi-instrumental studio musician, Brian also composes music for television and film.

About Executive Producer and Show Creator Maria Brophy:  Maria is an art licensing and marketing expert.  She has managed art careers for lifestyle artists for over a decade. She is the CEO of Son of the Sea, Inc., Master Licensor of Drew Brophy Properties.  Visit

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Converse Chuck Collection by Drew Brophy

We are so excited to announce the new Brophy Converse Chuck Collection!

Links to buy the Brophy Chucks:  They are only sold through summer or while supplies last, so don’t wait:

Girls Pink - Girl’s Peace Sign high-topBoy’s Blue

For Ladies: White Chucks with super awesome design(these are my favorite)

Drew’s always telling people to paint their own stuff and customize their lives.  Converse shoes are a great way to do that.  And of course, if you want Drew’s art on your shoe, now you can have it.

When Drew was a kid, he’d doodle dragons and waves on his Chuck Taylor All Stars.  His friends wanted him to draw on theirs, too.

This collaboration started almost 3 years ago when Converse sponsored our videoPAINT PEN TECHNIQUES WITH DREW BROPHY.  A section in the video shows how to paint your shoe with water-based paint pens.  That led to a brainstorming about putting Drew’s art on production shoes.  Drew came up with a couple dozen designs (see the photo above) and they chose a number to move ahead with.

The collection is available at Converse retailers nationwide, including Journey’s, select Nordstrom locations and

Check this out:  Converse’s super cool blog features many different artists.  TALKinterviewed Drew and featured a

video of him painting a Chuck Taylor All Star.

NORDSTROMS EVENTS FOR KIDS – Kids can help paint their own Chucks!

Drew will personally appear at 3 Southern California Nordstrom locations (kids shoe dept) and will sign and/or customize Converse shoes purchased in-store during the events.  Kid will be encouraged to join in on the creativity by adding color to their shoes.  It will be fun – Converse has lined up many activities for kids and there will be giveaways of Drew Swag like skateboards, art prints and books.



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